July 20, 2017

I have been so uninspired to blog that I have forgotten to publish a gratitude list. I’ve been stuck in a rut for weeks now, and I’m struggling to find good content for both my blog and Instagram — I even lost the inspiration to create a digital collage. So I guess, blog-wise, June wasn’t a good month. But I still had a lot to be thankful for, and I made sure that I’m still going to be able to write about those despite being two weeks late. 😛 Continue Reading



July 7, 2017

Up until highschool, I never had a choice as to which school I went. It was just decided for me, so I got really excited for college because then, I’d get to go to the school of my choice. Of course I have my dream university, I wanted to attend the school that my sister used to go to. I was only a freshman in highschool then but I knew that’s where I wanted to go. But perhaps the universe had another plan for me because I didn’t get accepted for it. So I settled for the next best thing for me. I didn’t even bother writing a reconsideration letter, I simply just settled. Which is why getting accepted into my dream med school is a whole new experience for me. Continue Reading



July 6, 2017

Filters give photos a little more feel to it. For me, it sets the right mood — warmer filters for summer, and cooler ones for rainy days or winter; saturated ones for colorful places, and less saturated edits for a minimalist feel. I’ve always been one to play around with filters. This year alone, I had already tried out and used three “themes” for my Instagram account, and am already thinking of changing it again. Continue Reading



June 16, 2017

One of the easiest looks for me to pull of is dressing like a school girl. I usually just have to throw on a skirt, a collared top, socks, sneakers, and voila, I have an outfit. I also think I look the part since I’m short (lol), and even more so now that I have short hair. Until now, I didn’t realize that I dressed up like a school girl twice during my trip to Japan. Realizing I don’t have enough pictures to do separate posts for each one, I decided to just combine the two in one post! 😛 So here’s me, school girl dressing in Japan. (Before anything else, let me point out the these photos are intentionally grainy because I’m trying to give out that old analog film vibe. Let me know what you think about it, please. :P)

Continue Reading


$15 HAUL

June 8, 2017

Most of the people who know me well are aware of how much I like to shop. I’ve blogged about how much trouble I’ve been in with my mom because I spend too much on clothes and shoes. I did a 60-day shopping ban challenge and I’m proud that I was able to finish it. I’m now more able to control my shopping impulses, and can now go out of a store empty handed. I spend less now too, but from time to time, I’d buy a little something for myself and even then, I’m now more conscious about how much it costs and if it’s worth the amount. Continue Reading



June 6, 2017

I low key live for 90s fashion. It wasn’t until I were in college that I realized that it was my aesthetic, and it intensified now that it’s become the latest trend again. Plain white tees, embroidery and patches, button down shirts, tight shirt under a slip dress, sneakers + dress combo, denim jackets, A-line skirts and high waist everything — my closet is filled with those. I like how chill the fashion is, and I actually really like old-school things. Continue Reading



June 4, 2017

So I finally ventured out to vlogging. Last week, I tried to document my commute while I ran errands for med school and checked out thrift stores. I’m pretty pleased with the outcome but I’m sure I still have a whole lot to improve on. For starters, I still have to download a decent video editing software on my laptop. My internet had been so slow the night I was supposed to edit the clips so I just resorted to editing it on my phone using iMovies. Continue Reading

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