July 26, 2016

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I turned twenty this year! And although I am well aware (and very thankful) that thirty is still far away from now, I’m gonna list the things I ought to do as I become my post-teen self. (Note: This is an old list that I am just updating since I have this new blog now. So I was already able to tick some of these off the list. YAY!)

1.) Travel alone. 

I have actually planned to have it done by this year but I chickened out (I asked my friends to go with me, LOL. And I will blog about that later) because I was still kinda scared of the idea of being in a foreign country on my own. But now that I have experienced going abroad without any adult, I think I can do it now. I’m planning to give it a go somewhere here in the Philippines first (I’m looking at Palawan) before catapulting myself overseas.

2.) Lose the freshmen fifteen.

It’s been said that you will gain fifteen pounds during your first year in college and I think I did! I have graduated from college and I am still not losing any weight! I lived away from home during my first year and during my last year in college and fastfood has been my lifeline — I cannot count how many times a delivery man had showed up in the lobby bearing cholesterol. Given that I’m going to be taking a gap year before I enter med school, I guess it’s about time that I lose all those pounds! Which brings me to my next point…

3.) Stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Of course I’m not going to get any younger than I am now so it’s best if I get to keep myself fit. Last summer (2015) was the closest that I ever got to achieving this. I was actually cutting down on carbs and junk and I was working out every single night. I actually lost some weight and my friends actually noticed it! But senior year happened and I gained back all the weight that I lost AND MORE. I really want to be able to do this because I kinda want to live longer. LOL.

4.) Volunteer for a cause.

And this isn’t just a one-time thing. It’s something that I intend to do until I still can so it has to be something I am passionate about. So…

5.) Have an advocacy.

I’m someone who fights for what she wants so I should probably extend that “characteristic” to other people (or group of people or community). I always see myself being in the medical field so I think it’s going to come from there.

6.) Be financially responsible.

It’s somethings that my parents have been trying to teach me for years now. It’s difficult especially when my brain can’t stop saying “omg how cute is that top?! You just have to buy it!!!” But I must try to save as much as possible (see #1) so that I won’t be in debt (aka never ever let myself get a credit card).

7.) Learn how to cook.

Also something my parents are making me learn how to do. The biggest hindrance for me to achieve this is my hesitation to open a gas stove because next to birds, one of my greatest fears is fire. My parents got us an electric stove last year for the unit so maybe I can do this now? I mean, all those Tasty videos look pretty easy and simple!

8.) Learn how to drive.

LOL. I’ve been putting it down on my to-do lists ever since I turned sixteen. This may be a luxury but I also want to be able to drive my parents around (in their car, hahaha).

9.) Graduate.

I’m an incoming senior and I really hope and aim (and wish) to graduate next year. I really really have to do well with thesis and my OJT and everything else if I’m going to want to bag a latin honor. WERQ! (Update: I did graduate this year, April 25, 2016! And yes, I got a latin honor: I graduate a cum laude. OMG, right??)

10.) Earn that M.D.

Need I say more? It’s something that I’ve always wanted not because the pay is good but because it is such a fulfilling job. It’s something that I can see myself doing for years and not get tired of it. I only have a year left in pre-med and I hope I will get the NMAT score needed to get into my dream med school.

11.) Take risks.

I’ve always been a cautious person and because of that, I’ve let too many opportunities just pass me by. I keep doubting myself thinking that I do not deserve that chance or that I can’t do it. I’m going to really try to grab every offer that comes my way as long as it is something in my field of interest.

12.) Accomplish something.

I’m not an overly ambitious person but it’s nice to actually achieve something and be recognized for it. Being somewhere in your 20s might seem too young for this to happen but who knows? We’re never really too young or too old for some things, or for anything at all.

13.) Be adventurous.

Now, this might sound like #11 but it’s not. I’ve always been someone who values leisurely activities (i.e. movie marathons, walks, food trips, shopping, things that I wouldn’t have to break a sweat doing) that I really haven’t done anything in my life that gave me an adrenaline rush. I really want to try hiking (I might start with Mt. Pulag), bungee jumping, parasailing, and surfing so I’m going to take it from there.

14.) Finish a series.

I have never finished a TV series, ever. I keep on watching new ones and never finishing them because I lose track of the episodes. I started with Gossip Girl and I was actually watching it religiously but I forgot what happened and I barely watched season 6, I only got to watch the finale. Same goes with 2 Broke Girls and The Big Bang Theory because I ran out of seasons to torrent. And How I Met Your Mother and House M.D. because school got in the way. I really wanted to do this because I want to prove to myself that I can start something and actually finish it. (Update: I was able to finally finish two TV series! F.R.I.E.N.D.S. which I absolutely loved, I re-watch it every single day! And House M.D. Oh, and I also finished a Korean TV series, Descendants of The Sun which makes me want to fly to South Korea as soon as possible)

15.) Attend a festival.

I have never experienced a festival in the Philippines except for Higantes. I want to be able to experience my own country to the fullest so I’m making it a point to go to at least one other festival and I’m thinking of Sinulog, Masskara, Pahiyas, or Ati-atihan.

16.) Read 50 books in a year.

I have been trying to reach this goal since 2013 and I was so close to achieving it last year but fell short of 16 books. This would take so much time and money because I want to read only in print. But hey, my future home library would benefit from this anyway.

17.) Donate blood.

This is also something that I’ve been putting in my bucketlist for years now but I never really got around to doing it because I was still 17 then. But when I finally turned 18 and there was a blood donation drive at school, it turns out that I was underweight. I shall keep trying.

18.) Go to a music festival.

Of course Coachella is the ultimate music festival goal for my inner hippie but since it seems too far fetched for me, I shall settle for what we have here in the Philippines for now. I’ve always been planning to go to Wanderland, Forever Summer, and Summer Siren but you know, funds.

19.) Be more confident.

I haven’t always been a confident person which is probably why I’m not much of a risk taker. I can’t even take a compliment without having to debate in my head whether it was sarcasm or just out of the person’s politeness. But as I grow older, I plan to believe in myself enough that I won’t ever have to doubt myself and pass up any other opportunity.

20.) Have meaningful relationships.

I’ve always been a person who would always rather keep to herself. I believe I’m not actually an introvert but I just like being with myself more. Of course I do enjoy the company of my friends (even my family) but I know that I haven’t established a deep connection with any of the people surrounding me. So I’m vowing to be more open to and with other people – to let them know if and when they have offended me, made a good point, or are being too toxic for my life.

I have ten years to do these things. I HAVE A DECADE! And I hope I become a better woman than I am now.

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  • Reply Andi September 26, 2016 at 5:41 pm

    I want to have a list of my own too. But 2 things struck me the most on your list, to travel alone and to volunteer for a cause. I started blogging to share my life experiences by travelling. Also, as I grow my blog and audience, I would like to start something like “travel for a cause” or anything for a cause to help children or donate to school. Gaah, a lot of things to do that I want to accomplish!!! But nice list though. 🙂


    • Reply Pia September 26, 2016 at 6:00 pm

      I’ve always wanted to go some place on my own so I can experience standing on my own. I now have a cause to volunteer for — abused children who are suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), I just have to look for organizations. 🙂 Go create a list of your own, too! It helps put things into perspective. 🙂 It’s never too late or too early for the things you want to accomplish, you can do it!

      • Reply Andi September 27, 2016 at 2:06 pm

        Sure, I will definitely choose my own cause

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