July 30, 2016

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Okay, let me rephrase that title. MY all-time favorite TV shows. I’ve only just begun watching TV series the summer before I entered college. I don’t know how I ever survived the past years without having watched any of these. So it’s a Saturday and I’m lounging around the house and thought hey why not blog about the best (in my very honest opinion) TV shows, ever? The best because I could watch all of these for more than one time and I won’t get tired of it, at all.


A.K.A THE GREATEST TV SHOW EVER MADE. I seriously love this show. I started and finished watching this show last year (around July to September) and I am still watching it today! The story never gets old so much so that every single day (that I’m not busy) I watch at least one episode. This is one of the best because you really get to know each and every character’s story, why they came to the city, how they got to where they were then, their fears, weirdness, everything! There’s no single main character, they all are and I just love it. It’s funny but very relatable. Also, Monica and Rachel’s outfit are absolute goals! If you haven’t watched it yet, do yourself a favor and go ahead and binge watch it on Netflix. You’re not going to regret it, I promise!


This is the first series I ever watched that has been recommended by my college friend. Most people I know don’t watch it because they think it’s too science-y (perhaps based on the title) but it’s not a science show. Sure, they’re a bunch of physicists, astronomer, engineer, biologist, and neuroscientist (sorry Penny, you’re not part of the geek club) but that doesn’t mean the show revolves around science. I mean, you guys should really give this show a try. It’s funny and you get to learn a few science stuff. Also, the back story on Sheldon and Leonard’s friendship is my favorite episode so far. Wolowitz’ humor really wraps up how much of a nerd they all are as well as Raj’s side comments. Of course, Penny’s cluelessness neutralizes their dorkiness. Call me a nerd too but I love this show.


Annalise is SO BAD ASS. I would have loved to have a professor like her. One that doesn’t get you to live by the book but instead encourages you to think outside the box and employs learning by application (her strategy in lectures). Connor is such an eye candy, I sometimes wish I could be Oliver for a minute! Every episode will just keep you at the edge of your seat. I was especially happy when I correctly guessed who killed Rebecca, I felt like a detective. LOL.


 Gregory House is my spirit animal. He’s witty, sassy, and the best diagnostician in the whole TV world — the most bad ass doctor there ever could be. He makes what would be a boring subject to some people (medicine) very interesting. His dark humor and sass gives me life. For someone who’s aiming to be a doctor one day, no matter how mean he comes across, I hope I get to have someone that good be my resident or attending physician. I would very much like to have someone like him supervise or train me. I also wish to have a co-worker as handsome as Dr. Chase, I mean, come on. I’m going to be working l o n g hours, I need someone to keep me going.


Hail to the first TV series I loved! The plot is really just light (albeit Caroline being bankrupt at the beginning of the story) and Max’s sarcasm is just so refreshing (not mean girl sarcasm). Every time they tease Han it never, and I mean never, fails to make me laugh. My favorite episodes were those that Caroline and Andy the Candy Guy were dating.


I don’t think any girl can’t ever resist falling for Capt. Yoo Si-jin. The cutest army guy I’ve ever seen. I’m not one to like watching a show that involves action of any kind no matter how little its part in the show is but his and Dr. Kang Mo-yeon’s chemistry kept me watching. They’re really cute together and I’m not one to ship a loveteam but I’m really really really hoping they end up together in real life! I’m also not one to watch Korean/Japanese/Thai drama (my friends were really surprised when I told them I watched this) but I loved this K-drama so much that I finished it in just 2 days! I swear, I started watching it 10am slept for like 5 hrs at 3am and finished it the next day. Also, Dr. Kang’s freshness (and her outfits) is what I want to have when I finally become a doctor.

There you have it, the best TV shows that I have ever watched in my twenty years of existence. Six TV shows that tell you how much of couch potato I am. HAHA. What about you? What are your all-time favorite TV shows? 🙂

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