July 27, 2016

After how many years, i was able to set foot on foreign soil again!  Last year I blogged about the 20 things I’m going to do in my 20s and I wrote in it that I want to travel alone for graduation. I didn’t travel alone but I did fly out after graduation but with my friends and no one above 20 with us. It was just the four us girls, but we made it through. I actually didn’t think it would happen but it did, thanks to seat sales and Sophie’s mom’s credit card. LOL. But I’m glad I went with my friends, it was something new for me and I know in my heart that it will always be special, and because if it weren’t for them, I may have actually skipped going abroad altogether.

Planning for this trip wasn’t easy, it was only March of this year that we were able to buy plane tickets and we weren’t able to get a flight on our intended date but it was okay because we were able to save up A LOT with our promo tickets. Actually, I wasn’t able to save that much at all because I overlooked our travel date and found out that our date of departure is Of Monsters and Men’s one night only concert in Manila… AND I ALREADY BOUGHT MY TICKET FOR THAT. You can imagine how panicked I was when that realization dawned on me!!! So I was, once again, on the look out for promo fares so I can have my flight re-booked but there weren’t any and I had to pay 6, 000+PHP! SO. CRAZY. So I just inquired if I can fly out with a different airline but still use my return ticket. Fortunately, they allowed it so I was relieved and lucky that another airline had a seat sale and I was able to buy a ticket for a much, much cheaper price although I did miss going to Ocean Park but that’s okay for me.

We really didn’t have much of an itinerary because we didn’t want to join a tour group because they cost so much and we like to roam at our own phase. We looked up the best places to go to in Hong Kong and that’s where we went.

The night I got in Hong Kong we decided to check out the Temple Street Night Market and I wanted to go crazy because the clothes and bags were so cheap! I wanted to go nuts and buy the cute things that I saw but I had to remind myself that I can’t be broke on my first night. HAHA.

We decided to have dinner at this Chinese restaurant and their food was really good, I wish I remembered the name but I can’t! We had Hainanese chicken, mushroom soup, cartilage, and soft pork. But what I loved most was the drink I had, lemon coke. Haha! It was really just a simple drink (lemon slices in a glass where you will pour a can of Coca-Cola over) but it has a refreshing taste.

For our second day we decided to spend it at Hong Kong Disneyland! My inner seven-year old is so happy! Every land was just so on point!

Our favorite ride was Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars at the Grizzly Gulch, we rode it twice (one during the afternoon, and then during the evening for the last time). LOL.

The Mystic Manor was super awesome, total house goals! The “tour” of the house was also super cool! The effects are just so amazing.

We had lunch at The Lucky Nugget Saloon and their serving of fries is super generous that we actually got full.

We headed to Toy Story Land after lunch and it’s just soooo cute! We lined up for the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop which wasn’t as intense as we expected but that’s just okay since we just ate. No one would have wanted to puke their stomach out! Gau wanted us to ride the RC Racer and I initially wanted to do so too (Sophie and Danica refused right there and then haha) so we lined up and then I started having second thoughts but Gau just wouldn’t let me go! The ride only lasted for like 2-3 minutes but IT WAS INTENSE. It was the good kind of intense though, didn’t have urge to puke. :))

We missed the afternoon parade. 🙁 But that’s okay because we had our picture taken with Baymax, saw Storm Troopers, and bought cute souvenirs. We also went inside the Fairy Tale Forest and the miniature castles are the cutest! We roamed around Tomorrowland while we waited for the “Disney Paint the Night” Nighttime Spectacular (which we made sure not to miss!).

The parade was beautiful, we only wish we had a decent spot! But the performers were really on point and music was very catchy. I could feel my 7-year old self crying of happiness.

We had dinner at the Starliner Diner and had our fill of chicken and fries while we waited for the “Disney in The Stars” Fireworks. We lucked out on a decent spot to take pictures of it but we had a good enough space to be able to watch it and it was just as amazing as the parade that I can’t imagine how Disneyland do this every single night!

It was a good day reliving our childhood. Plus points because the train to Disneyland is totally on fleek! Super comfy seats and it really just screams Disneyland all over it.

On our fourth day (my 3rd actually) we decided to dedicate it for, what else? Shopping. It’s good because we don’t have to spend our money on anything else because it’s our last full day. We were supposed to go to the Big Buddha at Ngong Ping but it was kinda expensive (we realized just how stingy we’re being during our stay, LOL). So we just went to all the best places to go shopping.

First stop was Citygate Outlets and their discounts are crazy! I wasn’t really planning to buy shoes (because I recently just bought one here) but I found this difficult-to-find and also really pretty pair of Nike Air Pegasus 83 in Aloha Rattan! I converted the price to PHP and my heart is soaring because of how much less it costs at Citygate than in IG shops!!!

The California Rolls from their supermarket is the bomb! It’s so tasty I wish I could take like a box of them back with me.

Then we went to Mong Kok to check out the Ladies’ Street and can I just say how much it resembles Divisoria? Haha. The items were just so quirky and it was really fun to haggle, you just have to make pakipot and you can get that item at your desired (but be reasonable!!) price.

We also checked out McDonald’s at Langham Place so we can experience the create your own order (am I right? I forgot what it’s called!) and it’s cute!

Went back to our hotel to dump our stuff and then headed towards the Hong Kong Symphony of Lights which, much to our surprise, it just super close to our hostel! Despite that, we missed the show. </3 But the skyline made up for it because it was beautiful, we wished we bought our noodles with us and ate it there but oh well.

Aboard the airport express! Super comfy seats!

And that’s it for our Hong Kong escapade! Can I just say how much I envy Hong Kong’s transport system? Their double decker buses have good air-conditioning and you get free Wi-Fi for an hour. Their MTRs are fast and air-conditioning is superb! Commuting in Hong Kong, even as a foreigner, is really just efficient. You can go anywhere just by taking their MTR, they even have an Airport Express line that takes you straight to the airport!

Hong Kong is really traveler-friendly. I’d recommend this for first time travelers because it’s really just so easy to find your way around. AND THERE’S FREE WI-FI ALMOST EVERYWHERE! Even in Disneyland! And the wi-fi is extremely fast! I think I’d blog about how to travel to Hong Kong with just 20, 000PHP or less, maybe.

Now, where to next?

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  • Reply pinayskattebasse August 13, 2016 at 8:41 pm

    yay! Disney. what cam do you use? 🙂

    • Reply Pia August 14, 2016 at 12:14 am

      Just my iPhone 5s 😀

  • Reply Christine October 6, 2016 at 5:59 pm

    I can’t wait to go there this month!


    • Reply Pia October 7, 2016 at 5:34 am

      Yay! Have fun when you go! <3

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