August 5, 2016


Another week, another list of things that made me smile. It’s actually turning out to be good because I’m constantly on the look out for positive things.

1. Clueless. I know, I suck because I’ve only watched it now but hey, I was clueless. Anyway, I loved much of Cher’s outfit and I wish I also had her computer program to mix and match my clothes. I also love how Mike Hannigan (from F.R.I.E.N.D.S) was there and he and Cher looked good together. I couldn’t have been happier that they ended up together!

2. Receiving my first paycheck for writing! It felt so good to see my PayPal account with the money I actually learned for doing something that I like. I still want and plan to be a doctor but it really just feels amazing to be paid doing something you thought was just your hobby.

3. Accompanying my first paycheck was my travel article being published! I feel so giddy, but I’m actually shy to show it to my friends that I told Tim to NEVER share the Facebook post that links to my article. Debating whether I should share it here though. 😛

4. Receiving my Soul Skinfood and Cosmetics package. This is the skin care brand I was talking about in my previous entry. I will be writing a review of it after a week or two of using it.

5. Finding out that Jenny Han is writing the 3rd book to her trilogy, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and I CANNOT CONTAIN MY HAPPINESS! I absolutely loved the first two books and I can’t wait for April 2017!!!


6. My new patched parka. I am in love with it even though I know I won’t get to use it as much as it should be used because it still feels like summer (I am so tired of this hot weather!!!).

7. And that pink cap that Tim got for me. We were at Topshop and he was feeling generous and I was trying to deprive myself of the joy that is shopping. Now I’m not really one to like pink but my closet needs some color.

8. Watching Suicide Squad. First of all, I’m not a Marvel or DC fan, I’m actually ignorant with superheroes and all that. But I’ve watched the trailer for this movie and I got intrigued with Harley Quinn that I decided that I will watch it. So I did. (Also, Tim invited me HAHA)

9. Renewing my iflix subscription which means I can now catch up on The Big Bang Theory and 2 Broke Girls anytime, anywhere!

10. Fulfilling my ate duties a.k.a accompanying my brother to his school and paying for his lunch. I feel so grown up, lol.

What are your 10 happy things? 🙂

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