August 19, 2016

Another week has passed. Here’s what helped me push through.

1. New highlighters. I don’t mean the make-up ones, I’m referring to the school supplies. Haha. I know it’s breaking my one month shopping ban (will blog about that next month) but it really is a necessity for my review.

2. Budbod night with my highschool bestfriends! It’s so good to catch up with them and it made me realize how much I miss how easy it used to be to see each other.

3. Limiting my rice intake. I haven’t totally gotten rid of rice in my diet but I’m slowly easing it out of my meals.

4. Writing my first skincare review. I’ve never reviewed anything but books before and it was really exciting doing this especially that it’s with a brand I trust. (Read it here)

5. After almost a week of being sick, Chewbacca’s finally feeling better. We were all really worried about him, especially mom. It felt like we were taking care of an infant because it’s always a struggle to get him to drink his medicine! Still love him to death though.

6. Late night pig out with my siblings. I love how supermarkets are just 5 minutes away from where we live.

7. Picking out new paint for my room. Going for mint with black accent and some white furniture. Can’t wait for it to be finished!

8. Receiving positive feedbacks for my blog. It makes me really happy to read your comments saying you liked what I wrote. It feels good to have your work appreciated. <3

9. Finding a good study place. NMAT is a month and a few weeks away and I really should get my game face on.

10. Really just thankful that this week is a good week. Nothing really spectacular happened but at the very least, it wasn’t that bad.

Here’s to a better week! How was yours? 🙂

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