August 26, 2016

It was a good week! Steady but much more productive than last week. Ah, I need new places to go to and new activities to busy myself with! Anyway…


1. Finally got to go to Rustic Mornings at Isabelo Garden and it was beautiful! I loved the ambiance, absolute dining room/area goals! The food is also good! I tried their waffle and buffalo wing strips with ceasar salad and I was satisfied. I love the chipotle marinara sauce it came with! So happy Tim agreed to take me there and was patient enough to let me take all the pictures I want. lol

2. Kept up with my dentist appointment. I know it’s bad but I’m the worst patient ever as I’m always too lazy to go back to my dentist and have my braces adjusted. But I’m really proud of myself as I’ve been managing to go to my appointments regularly now.

3. Found a cheap flight for next year’s trip with my mom. Not a direct flight though but I guess it’s a win-win for me because the lay-over is in Seoul. 😛 (Now, what can me and my mom do in Seoul for 20hrs?)

4. Chewbacca being adorably clingy lately. Ever since he recovered from his flu(?), he now allows me to hug him for a significantly long period. Since we got him, he never liked to be held — if you pick him up, he’ll squirm nonstop after 10 seconds. Now, he lets me hold and hug him for 5 minutes. HAHAHA.

5. Wrote new posts which I will be publishing in the coming days.

6. Resisted the urge to buy two boxes of pizza. lols

7. Lolo’s now out of the hospital. He’s been confined for a week or so and I’m happy he finally got to go home.

8. Helped mom with her presentation. Partly because she bribed me with food and partly because I am bored.

9. Finally feeling better — my nose has been clogged for three days now. Much less today than it has been before so it’s an improvement. Darn you weather and pain thinner (we’ve been renovating).

10. This is TMI but I didn’t  get any period cramps. LOL, sorry. It’s an achievement for my uterus and it’s made me feel a lot less uncomfortable.

How was your week? 🙂

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