September 2, 2016

This week started out to be great! It was productive and I had a lot of fun. I missed having a week like this.

1. My sister came home with stuffed crust pizza and it was the best way to start the week off! My siblings and I literally finished off the whole box in an hour. That is how crazy we are for it, and we’re extremely thankful that Pizza Hut kept it in their menu!

Mad Mark's Signature Steak at UP Town Center

2. Had a spontaneous night with my college friends. I was about to go home from Manila when Luis texted me saying he’ll pick me up and we headed for Crizzel’s. Decided to eat at Mad Mark’s at UP Town, and luckily caught the last full show of Camp Sawi. HAHA.

3. Published two substantial blog post. Ones that hits so close to home. (Read them here and here.)

4. Received positive feedback from the said posts. It feels so good when people compliment my writing as it is something that I really liked doing. Thank you. 🙂

5. Having Tim cook for me. I like it when he does it because it makes me feel cared for. Also because I like his cooking. He made me taste the Philly Cheesesteak Sub that he made and I loved it! No kidding.

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Picture from my Snapchat: piasnflp

6. Buying a blush pink coat from Forever21 and I’m so happy with how cheap it is (compared to other brands). I was actually looking for their blush pink bomber jacket and blush pink leather jacket but they don’t have it in my size. 🙁 And Bershka has ran out of theirs. Still looking for it but the coat I bought is still a good buy because it’s lightweight which is perfect for our country’s weather.

7. Registered for NMAT. I’m super nervous but there’s really no other way.

8. Resisted buying a new eyebrow pencil. I was so tempted to buy Maybelline’s Fashion Brow Duo Shaper (the one with the pencil and powder) but decided against it as I still have the one from Etude House. Besides, I have already went behind my month long shopping ban with coat (I just can’t let that coat go!).

9. Having my dentist tell me that my eyebrows looked good. She told me it framed my face better and I think so too! And I think that I’ve improved on my kilay skills — I can manage it better now. LOL.

10. Coming home to Hansel Mocha biscuits. I’ve been snacking on them non-stop for almost three weeks now! They just taste so good.

I’ve had a pretty good week. Much less boring than the past two have been. How was yours? 🙂

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