September 17, 2016

It was a pretty stable week. It was fun and it was all oh so awesome!

1. Rainy Monday afternoon. I’ve been longing for rain because, hello it’s already September but it still feels like March. It sucks to be in a country where it feels like it’s summer all year long when you’re a girl who can’t stop buying outerwear. Also had the best nap during the said afternoon. I’m not one to take naps when I’m not extremely exhausted (and I don’t know why) but taking one after such a long time just feels so good!

2. My sister got me a new perfume and I love how she gets how I like my scents! When we were younger I used to hate it when my sister sprays on her perfume because it’s always too strong for my liking — too sweet and flowery — when I like fresh and/or powdery scents. This week though, she came home with a box of Bvlgari Amethyste, asked me if I liked how it smelled and I did! It’s a bit reminiscent of Angel’s Breath (which I am still on the look out for for 3 years now) but for adults. Lol. Perfect timing because I just ran out of the Versace Bright Crystal that Claire gave me.

3. Got a random call from Joseph asking me if I was in Manila (I wasn’t). Haha. We only got to talk for like three minutes but it was already enough to make me smile that night. Literally one the few people who could actually make me smile with so little effort. I’m so glad that my friendship with him (and Crizzel) is still alive even until now that we rarely all get to see (or talk to) each other.

4. Taco Bell’s Cheesy Beefy Melt and Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes after such a long time! My college friends and I used to eat at Taco Bell almost every week (especially when we were in our second year). It feels nostalgic eating there.

5. Train to Busan thursdate with Tim. I liked the movie and that beady eyed selfish son of a bitch (I have no idea what his name is but I’m pretty sure you guys know who I’m talking about) really got on my nerve that I was swearing at him all throughout the movie. HAHA. Really thought Su-yan’s dad would survive!

6. Finding Chewbacca when he managed to get out of the house without any of us noticing. I was upstairs with my sister, it was about 9PM when my ate asked me where Chewbacca was. I told her he was downstairs and I got up to fetch him. I went down and looked for him under ALL our furniture and I CAN’T FIND HIM. So I was shouting his name and took out a doggy treat to lure him out of hiding but still NO SIGN OF CHEWY. So everyone just stopped what they were doing and looked outside for him. My brother found him five minutes after at the front steps of our neighbor who told us that they saw Chewy crossing the street back and forth. OH MY GOD. Thank the universe they were able to see him and called him back. Mommy was legit about to cry when we can’t find him inside the house. That sneaky fatty!

7. Beauty night with my sister. It’s very rare that we bond (especially now that she’s working and has a boyfriend), and the times that we bond over beauty stuff are much more scarce. But when she got home on Wednesday she made me wax her underarms (UGH why ate), and then after she saw the charcoal peel off mask I bought so we decided to try it out together. It was really fun (except the waxing part which she was laughing at me about because of my facial expressions).

8. Being able to start on the project my aunt gave me it’s A LOT so I’m just glad that I got through more than a quarter of it. Hoping to have it done over the weekend.

9. Study session with Gau because we decided that we really just have to stop being so damn lazy if we want to get into our dream med schools. HAHA.

10. Seeing my college friends for Kat’s 21st birthday! I miss those crazies. I’m still not used to not seeing their faces five times a week!! I had a super good Friday with them (hence, this post being published a day late) and I miss having nights like those. HAHA. #SusukaPeroHindiSusuko

How was yours? 🙂

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  • Reply Sarah September 17, 2016 at 11:05 am

    I love buying outerwear too! Especially jackets and boots… I might have a problem! (Fortunately we have an actual winter plus spring and fall and sometimes cold summer days :P)

    • Reply Pia September 17, 2016 at 12:47 pm

      So jealous of you guys who get to experience fall and winter! Haha.

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