October 31, 2016

It’s been such a long time since I typed up a blog post! It has been over three weeks since I was last able to update this blog. The hiatus I took wasn’t intentional though. It was only supposed to be for three days because my NMAT was nearing and I couldn’t be bothered to type up new content (I had too much formulas and terms to remember). And when I was through with my exam, my laptop charger decided to give up on me! You’d think that I could just go out and buy a new one the next day but I am such a lazy person that I kept putting it off. Another reason was that I was too shy to demand from my parents to buy a new one right then and there because I don’t really have anything urgent to do that needs me to use my laptop. So I just told my dad that my charger was broken and he said he’d get a replacement, and it wasn’t until just this Saturday that he was able to buy me one as he was too busy with work. Thanks daddy!

So anyway, I haven’t been able to do three “Friday’s 10 Happy Things” which was my way of updating what has been going on in my life so I decided to just do a “Life Lately”. And A LOT has happened to me over the course of three weeks.

Finally done with NMAT. If you don’t know what it is, the National Medical Admission Test is an exam taken by those who wish to enter a medical school in the Philippines. It’s like the MCAT in the US. So anyway, I took it on the 16th and my average sized brain found it difficult. Maybe because I was too nervous or that the time pressure was very real. For the second part, we were supposed to answer questions concerning Biology, Chemistry, Social Science, and Physics with each category having 50 questions. We were only give 2 and 1/2 hours to finish it. That’s only like A MINUTE PER QUESTION! Anyway, I’m hoping for a decent score because I really really really want to get into my dream school. I know I worked for this exam — that I spent hours studying and even had sleepless nights, so I’m really hoping it would pay off.


Changed my Instagram feed. LOL. For the longest time, I have been shying away from having a bright feed. I wanted it to be minimal, just the right amount of bright and airy. And then I got crazy hooked on a Photoshop technique I figured out and thought it’s going to be my new theme but IT TOOK A LOT OF WORK so I stopped. Lol. So I decided, hey why not try a colorful feed? So I did, and I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out! If you haven’t yet, maybe you can follow me on my Instagram? 😀 @pepperonipia

Finally got to try Taco Bell’s quesarrito! I know some people think Taco Bell is a crappy place to eat at but I LOVE TACO BELL! I love their quesadilla and burrito. When I took my first bite of the quesarrito, Tim laughed at me because I let out such a huge groan of appreciation. HAHA. I loved how cheesy it was!!

I got to be a judge for a Young Mr. and Ms. United Nations in my old school. 😀 It may not be much but for me, it was such an honor to be invited to be a part of that, and that I was somehow able to give back to the place where I grew up. Plus, it was so much fun seeing kids all dressed up! I especially enjoyed seeing the chubby kids. Haha. I love chubby kids!! I told my friends that I’m not going to love their baby if they’re not fat. 😛


I got to see my highschool classmates for a Halloween party! We didn’t dress up though which was a bummer because it is a Halloween party but at least they came. It was fun catching up with them and seeing their faces. I can’t believe we’ve all come so far! We’re thinking of organizing a Christmas party, I hope that would push through. Maybe next year we can get everyone to actually dress up!

I FINALLY CUT MY HAIR. I was out having lunch with my college friends and I was telling them that I wanted to get a haircut but I’m too chicken to do it. Gau convinced me to just do it so I did. And it was the best decision I’ve made! I love my short hair! It does make my face look chubby but still, I think I looked younger so that’s more important. HAHA. I don’t want to look too old for my age.

A few footnotes: I’ve also went on to try a new skincare routine which I will blog about after two weeks of using it but so far so good. I’ve also been so drawn with all things blush pink (as evident in this post’s header image), I feel like my 6-year old self is being resurrected. I’m also starting to watch Sherlock as I have lost interest in How To Get Away With Murder (huhuhu). ALSO, I GOT THREE SPONSORS! AH, I’M SO HAPPY! Use the discount code: pepperonipia to get 10% off your purchases at ShopYums and So Aesthetic Shop, and 5% off your purchases at Bubble Tea! All stores offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. <3

So those are the major things that went on in my life. I may be posting a few personal posts in the coming days. 😀 How have you guys been?! <3

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