December 3, 2016

Christmas is just around the corner and for some of us, we’re already putting up our Christmas stocking hoping for it to get filled by whatever we put on our wishlist. As I’m already starting toΒ adult, I can no longer be expected to always be on the receiving end. I have to start learning how to give gifts to people, and gift giving is such a personal experience. Since we’re going to spend money, time, and effort, we want to make sure that the people who will receive our gift would actually use it, right? And it can be very frustrating when we have so much people to gift but we’re out of ideas on what to buy for them. Especially now that malls are surely going to start being packed with people who want to get their Christmas shopping done, none of us would surely want to be running around the mall looking for gifts that would fit their personality and our budget. So I thought why not create a gift guide?

This gift guide is going to be divided into five personalities: for the artsy, for the homebody, for the #blogger, for the foodie, and for the traveler. Our budget will be divided into: student, fresh grad, and I’m legit working. (I am so sorry, I sucked at labeling the budgets lol).


I’m not an artsy person but I really enjoyed creating this gift guide for my artsy friends. Maybe because I find it therapeutic or I’m just a sucker for aesthetics, I don’t know but I would love to have these things as well!


DIY Stickers. The cheapest and easiest out of all the items in the list I’ve put up! There are so many cute sticker clip arts on the internet and all you have to do is just print them up on a sticker paper and cut them out. To wrap it, I’d suggest fashion a mini gift bag from old wrapping paper or magazine pages or newspaper and put your personalized stickers in there. Take it up a notch by printing up stickers that fit your friend’s personality. πŸ˜€

Patches. These are all the rave right now especially that 90s fashion is making a comeback. You can use it to spruce up your jacket, shirt, bag, even your blankets! And they cost pretty cheap too. Some online shops in Instagram sell them for as low as 20PHP per piece and will give you discounts when you buy in bulk! (You can buy yours atΒ Dapper Look or Shop KQ)

Dong-A HexaPlus Pens. I’ve always liked these colored pens when I write on planner and I think your artsy friend would like it too! You can buy it per piece (for only 22PHP if I remember it correctly) or buy a set. I found it very easy to use and it lasts for quite a long time too! (They’re available at National Bookstore)

Letters from ABC Postcards. These are super pretty! It can be used for scrapbooking, to decorate your bedroom walls, for your IG posts, or simply if you want to go old school and actually send someone a postcard. Looking at the postcards could really help get your creative juices flowing. πŸ˜€ (Available at National Bookstore)

Complete Calligraphy Set. Give your friend a gentle push in starting a new creative hobby by giving him/her this set from Art Maker. Who knows he/she could turn this hobby into a business as well because calligraphy is becoming pretty popular now. I think it’s pretty neat because not only will this keep him/her occupied, it could be pretty relaxing to do too. (Available at National Bookstore)


For your friend/s who would rather stay at home and relax on a weekend than to wake up with a hang over. πŸ˜›


Succulent Plants. I find them therapeutic or relaxing to look out and they always add a little something to the room. Plus points if your friend lives in a condominium, this would help his/her unit look fresh and a bit brighter. (Some people sell this online but you can get one too at your Sunday markets or even at department stores)

Statement Mug. There’s nothing a person would hate most than to receive a mug for Christmas but I don’t think they would hate it that much if it’s as sassy as this mug! Imagine having you Sunday morning coffee and the you receive a text from your friend saying it’s too bad you missed last night’s party, just snap a picture of this mug as your reply. Lol. (Available at department stores, novelty stores, online shops)

Bathbombs. They’re so much fun to watch! And it’s pretty cool to dip down a cotton candy colored bath water. Relaxing level 100. (Available at LUSH, but if you guys know somewhere else to get this, please share in the comments section! πŸ˜€ )

Books/Novels/Comics. As a part-time homebody (lol), there’s nothing more comforting than snuggling up on your bed with your favorite drink on the bedside table and your favorite book in hand. (Available at bookstores. If you want to be eco-friendly though, you can buy secondhand ones at Book Sale)

French Press. I just found this off the internet and I thought it was pretty neat. Plus, it’s awesome to make your own coffee on a slow Sunday don’t you think? πŸ˜€ (Ok I don’t really know where to find one but I think e-bay has this.)


I had a difficult time coming up with what to gift for my #blogger friends or my IG savy friends because I get how aesthetic matters for them (because it does for me πŸ˜€ ) but after finishing this list, I went like yeah, I would totally get these for myself because Instagram is life. Lol.


Succulent Plants. Not only do they give personality to a room, they also look good as flatlay fillers. When there’s an empty/awkward blank space, stick ’em in there!

Contact Paper. Weird, right? Also, “omg you suck, why did you give me this???” but this is the secret to every good looking flatlay. If you don’t have a marble table/countertop or you don’t have a washed out board floor, contact paper is the answer. What I do is I buy a huge illustration board and I stick contact paper onto it. Voila, instant background! (Available at Ace Hardware)

Faux fur rug. Again, a flatlay hack but it’s much pricier than contact paper. It can also be used to decorate your couch (just drape it on one side of the couch for an instant oomph) or use it for its original purpose, on the floor. (I think I saw one at H&M but online shops sell this too)

Sunnies. For when his/her outfit needs an extra something or for when you gotta hide some eyebags because there’s too much blog posts to write, a good pair of sunnies is the answer. (This particular pair is vailable at Sunnies)

Planner. Your blogger friend must have a lot of things going on in his/her life: events to attend to, products to shoot, gigs, deadlines. Help him or her through the coming year by getting him/her a planner. Plus points for you if you get them something as cute and chic as this one! I’m actually getting this for myself! (This particular planner is available at C&S Designs, they have other designs as well!)


I enjoy eating but I wouldn’t really call myself a foodie so I was out of ideas of what to get for my friends who love to eat or cook. I tried my best and I think they would actually enjoy this! πŸ˜€


(Home) Baked goodies. If you like baking, then this one would be a breeze. If you’re a newbie, then it’s time to try something new! What I like about baking is the exact measurements because I know then just how much I should put because I don’t really trust my intuition when I cook. Lol. Anyway, there’s so much you can bake! For cookies alone, there are about a dozen variations that you can try that would suit your friend/family’s taste buds. To package it, place it in a glass jar or DIY a cute box and wrap a ribbon.

S’mores Kit. I’ve actually just read of this idea now and I think it’s pretty neat! It’s like a survival kit for when you sweet tooth is acting up. Plus points because it’s very easy to make and the ingredients aren’t even hard to find.

Food pillow. Need I say more? I think the pancake pillow speaks for itself!

Gift card. It might seem impersonal but use this as a way to suggest to him/her to try out a new place to eat at. Some people (like myself) tend to shy away from new restaurants because of their fear that their money might go to waste because the food isn’t good. With this gift card though, not only would they have your stamp of approval, they also get to try it out for free! Win-win.

Ice cream maker. Have you watched online videos of a DIY ice cream? Pretty cool. But it’s much more fun if you have a tiny gadget to make it! I’ve actually seen one a few years back of an ice cream maker that looks like a football that you can toss around. I haven’t seen an ice cream maker here in the Philippines yet but hey, we can always order online.


This is the list that I had the easiest time making and the stuff I put here are pretty straightforward and not at all difficult to find.


Notebook. A small notebook comes in pretty handy for when you want to have all your personal details with you and you don’t want to bring those documents with you. It’s also useful for when you have that sudden idea and you just have to have it written down for later. Or if you’re on a long train/bus/plane ride and you want to doodle something to pass time. (Available at Papemelroti)

Emergency kit. This, I think, is the most thoughtful of all. Some travelers (*ehem* me *ehem*) forget to pack themselves an emergency kit, so take the initiative and give them one. Pick out a brightly colored pouch (so it’s easy to spot) and put some medicine (for fever, cough, allergies, colds, nausea), wet wipes, alcohol, and band-aids.

Neck pillow. Because who wants to wake up with a stiff neck after a long haul flight? Make it special by choosing a design that stands out and deviates from the usual monotone ones.

Planner. This travel themed planner is the best. I owned one back in 2015 (their first release) and it’s so much fun ticking off things that I’ve done in their bucketlist. Help your loved ones continue to be inspired to travel.

Scratch map. This doubles as a wall decor and an inspiration for them to scratch all the places off the map! (I found a Philippine Scratch map at Kultura, but the world scratch maps can be found online).

So! There you have it. I hope I was able to help you guys one way or another. πŸ˜€ Have you done your holiday gift shopping, yet? What are your tips? πŸ™‚

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  • Reply Mariz December 4, 2016 at 2:35 pm

    This post is very helpful. I must bookmark this one. Your gift ideas for a blogger friend are my favorite! I would defo love to receive one of those (but I’ll be happiest if all of them) from a friend. Haha πŸ˜‚ Anyway, thanks for his guide, Pia! πŸ’™

    • Reply Pia December 5, 2016 at 3:17 am

      I’m glad you liked the post, Mariz! Haha, give hints to your parents na. πŸ˜›

  • Reply Mercy December 5, 2016 at 10:59 am

    Such a useful post, a wonderful gift guide this Christmas.


    • Reply Pia December 6, 2016 at 12:44 pm

      Glad you found it helpful, Mercy! πŸ™‚

  • Reply ann December 6, 2016 at 3:00 am

    This is such a perfect ideas for Christmas gifts, I am actually struggling on what to buy. Because sometimes i bought something and i feel when they receive it they don’t like it LOL. ^^ thanks for sharing ^^


    • Reply Pia December 6, 2016 at 12:45 pm

      Thanks, Ann! And you’re welcome. πŸ™‚ Happy shopping! <3

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