May 3, 2017

While we were planning this trip, I made sure that our itinerary included seeing Mt. Fuji. What trip to Japan would be complete without seeing the beautiful mountain? I guess I was lucky enough that Kanagawa is near Yamanashi where Lake Kawaguchiko is located. We set out at 5:30AM to go on a train ride to Kawaguchiko, and we got to the station at about 8AM. We then took the sightseeing bus for about 30mins until we finally got off at Lake Kawaguchiko.

It was a long train ride that took us about 3 train transfers from Zama City. But it was worth it. The weather cooperated that day and gave us clear skies so we had an unobstructed view of Mt. Fuji.

From Kawaguchiko Station, Mt. Fuji can already be seen. My mom had to stop me from taking too much pictures at the station because we’re totally going to have a better view at the lake.

Among the Fuji Five Lakes (Lake Kawaguchiko, Lake Yamanaka, Lake Saiko, Lake Motosu, and Lake Shoji), Lake Kawaguchiko is the most accessible.

The cherry blossom trees around the lake still weren’t in full bloom but it was okay! I’ve had a fill of my sakuras the day before when we went to a park in Zama. Seeing Mt. Fuji in person is really something. I mean, there’s still a lake between me and the mountain but there’s something about being able to see it on my first try that gave me a new found appreciation for timing.

According to guides, Mt. Fuji is best viewed in the early mornings (before 9AM) and in the late afternoons. Even on clear days, the mountain sometimes still hides behind clouds.

Lake Kawaguchiko is also the most developed area that showcases the beauty of Mt. Fuji. There is an abundance of museums, tourist activities (including the Fuji-Q Highland!), and hot springs. We weren’t able to go to any of the other attractions but having a clear view of Mt. Fuji is more than enough for me.

We had lunch at a noodle shop (I forgot the name, I’m so sorry) just across Kawaguchiko Station and we had such a view of Mt. Fuji while we ate.

Although it was a pretty time-consuming travel, it was worth it. I actually want to go back to see more of the area and visit the Chureito Pagoda and Oshino Hakkai and maybe try the ropeway. I also want to visit when it’s winter and the mountain is covered with snow. I bet it would look just as beautiful! Which season would you like to see Mt. Fuji? Spring, summer, fall, or winter? šŸ™‚


To get to Lake Kawaguchiko from Zama City, Kanagawa: fromĀ Sobudai-Mae Station we took theĀ Odakyu Line headed for Shinjuku and got off atĀ Machida Station. From there, we took theĀ JR Yokohama Line headed forĀ Hachioji Station and got off at Hachioji. And then we transferred to theĀ JR Chuo Line headed for Kofu and got off atĀ Otsuki Station. From Otsuki, we took theĀ Fujikyuko Line headed forĀ Kawaguchiko Station and that’s where we got off. We got on theĀ Retro Sightseeing Bus to get to Lake Kawaguchiko from Kawaguchiko Station.

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